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Radar training system 24GHz

The radar training system is a microwave radar specially designed for training and R & D facilities

Radar systems - from Doppler radar to multi-channel MIMO sensors can be implemented with the provided software examples.

A powerful analog signal chain combined with flexible FPGA-based signal processing enables state-of-the-art evaluation setups within minutes.

Software support for C # and Octave / Matlab with configurable signal processing chain are available.

Technical specifications:

MIMO frontend:

Analog Devices 24 GHz chipset

Analog input chain:

12 analog channels

RF signal conditioning

Configurable signal processing: Sample rate conversion

FFT, chirp-z

Zoom FFT

Available frameworks:

Raw data sampling



Architecture / interfaces:

Linux OS


Configuration via web interface

Standardized command interface

Power supply: 10 - 36 V DC


Baseband system

24GHz Frontend

Basic software on CD ROM

CD-ROM with examples and documentation

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